Festive Bake: Sacher Torte

Over Christmas I always get back into baking, and this year I decided to make a dark chocolate cake that is super indulgent without being full of sugar . The Sacher Torte is an Austrain cake which is dense and packed full of flavour from the dark chocolate, espresso and apricot jam. The cake was fairly simple to make, with just the issue of separating the eggs and adding the whites and yolks separately making it slightly more time consuming than an average sponge.

I followed this recipe from Good Housekeeping, although I didn’t do the icing as I didn’t want it to be overly sweet. I found some other recipes which look just as good like this one from BBC Food and this one from Delia online. Overall, this is a perfect occasion cake which doesn’t need to much expertise in the kitchen.






A week (of mainly food) in pictures

1. Some Monday motivation from insta // 2. One of my dogs, Holly, looking innocent while refusing to go on her lead // 3. A mixture of chickpeas, black eyed peas, onion, chilli, garlic and herbs for veggie burgers // 4. Saturday’s dinner table // 5. A mezze style platter to go with our burgers (guacamole, sun dried tomatoes, olives, salad and cheddar cheese)  // 6. Quinoa and blueberry breakfast muffins for next week (I hate most breakfast food so i’m experimenting). I can’t find the exact recipe but it was very similar to this. I know they don’t look appetising but they taste pretty good.

I hope everyone’s having a lovely weekend! I’m considering doing these posts weekly instead of a recipe (or maybe as well as), so do let me know what you think if you get a chance.

Sunday Bake: mocha cake with latte icing (and a side of coffee)

I can’t start the day without a cup of coffee. Hot, iced, lukewarm after being left on the side for half an hour, as long as caffeinated I will drink it. So naturally I love baking with espresso. This weeks Sunday Bake is dedicated to a beautiful mocha cake with latte icing, you can find the recipe here.

Recipe info

Difficulty: If you can make a Victoria sponge, you can make this cake. It’s really straightforward and easy to follow.

Cost: Price wise i’d say this recipe is average. It seems pricy because of the instant espresso, but its much better to invest in a jar rather than compromise on flavour (I used carte noir). If you’re not so much of a coffee lover then you could make do with normal instant coffee.

Result: Rich coffee cake with light, buttery icing. I made half the suggested amount of icing because I can find it overly sweet, and it turned out just right.

Coffee Sin vs Saint 

While we’re talking coffee I thought i’d share what i’ve been drinking this month.

Sin: I’m the sort of person who will choose the calorie laden option nine times out of ten so i’ll start with the 600 calorie Starbucks Venti Java Chip Frappuccino. I don’t even care, sometimes you need the coffee, cream and sugary goodness.

Saint: Just this week I discovered The Rebel Kitchen, namely their coffee and coconut milk drink. It’s super refreshing, tastes great and is a fraction of the frappuccino calories. Oh, and its dairy and refined sugar free, what’s not to love?