Dropping out of Uni – Two and a Half Years On

A couple of weeks ago one of my favourite bloggers, Katie Oldham wrote a post featuring seven university ‘drop out’ stories, including her own. This inspired me to think back to my own drop out story and consider all the things i’ve achieved since I made that difficult decision.

  1. Confidence. My confidence has improved tenfold since I started trying to make decisions that are right for me.
  2. Travelling. Quitting uni made me think about what’s important to me and one of the main things is travel. I went back to Mauritius after almost ten years to connect with the island again and spend time with my family. I went on badly planned trips in Europe with my best friend. I’ve been to rainy English beaches and the glorious English countryside and appreciated each experience even more than the last.
  3. Restarting uni the following academic year and accepting that it’s ok to start over.
  4. Studying a course that I actually enjoy.
  5. Moving abroad – I honestly never thought i’d be able to do this and I don’t think I would have done if it wasn’t a part of my degree but so far its been one of the best, and most challenging experiences of my life.
  6. Volunteering – supporting a cause that I believe in has become and important part of my life and something that I want to continue doing.
  7. Finding practical solutions to combat anxiety : walking, reading, writing, meditating, mindfulness. All of these work for me in some capacity but the hardest part is remembering to do them.

Nowadays university is seen as the norm and we’re pushed into making huge decisions about our lives when we’re barely even eighteen. I still consider university to be the right path for me, but I think that most young people need a lot more time than we’re given to think about what decisions to make about the future.


9 thoughts on “Dropping out of Uni – Two and a Half Years On”

  1. I’ve taken a gap year to think about what course I would like to do at university and to give me time to feel a bit more calm. I have been insanely stressed for the past two years for a handful of reasons and this gap year is sort of like my therapy for the entire year. I like it because I am able to slip back into my old habits and forget about the bad that has happened. I am still character building myself back to normal and I will hopefully be ready for university in 2016. I loved reading your post because you are at a place of peace with yourself which I would like to reach after these few bad years. Thank you for being an inspiration. Good luck with whatever course you choose to do xo

    1. Thank you for such a thoughtful and humbling comment. I am so impressed at your self awareness, and knowing that you need to take this time to think things through. Wishing you all the best in whichever path you choose to take!

      1. Thank you! I think when you are so exhausted and not like yourself anymore then a break is really required. I think I am going to write a post about it all at the end of my gap year. Not 100% to go into elaborate details right now aha

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