Paragliding in Chamonix

After a restless nights sleep in our triple bunk beds, we woke up fairly early on our first day in Chamonix. The main thing that had attracted us to the town was the cable car which goes up Mont Blanc. However, once we got to the tourism office we were swiftly told that the cable cars were closed for refurbishment, as it’s currently low season. Not ideal to say to least.

We spent the morning wandering around Chamonix, popping in and out of the shops and having a look at the market. This was my first experience of a small town in the Alpes and I fell in love with it. The town centre was even more quaint than what I had imagined, and the snowy mountain backdrop made everything look beautiful.

Disappointed by the cable car news,  we wanted to find something exciting to do and decided to try and book to go paragliding. As it was low season one of the only places we could find which was available was a thirty minute train journey away from Chamonix town centre in Chedde. As it turned out, the train journey itself was pretty and passed super quickly for me as I sat with a knot in my stomach, anticipating what was to come. It was my first time doing any kind of adrenaline sport so I was probably the most nervous, but the girls were reassuring me (and convincing me to actually go through with it!).

Once we arrived at Chedde we were met by one of the pilots, Richard, who picked up the other pilots then drove us all up to the point that we’d be jumping off. In typical French style there was a lack of information regarding things like safety and insurance but once I’d asked a few questions I felt confident enough to go ahead with the jump. The experience itself was amazing and the views of the mountains were breathtaking. I would recommend the experience to anyone looking for an exciting way to experience the French Alpes!



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