A Day in Geneva

Our trip last weekend started with an 8am train journey from Gières Gare Universités, Grenoble. We were originally told that we wouldn’t be provided with bedding at our AirBnB, so here’s Clare and Emily, complete with lots of bag and pillows, waiting for the train:

Once we were on the train we realised that we had forgotten to validate our tickets using the machines at the stations, which can apparently lead to a €20 fine but luckily the ticket inspector let us off. The two hour journey passed fairly quickly and before we knew it we were in Geneva. Our first stop was the train station lockers to dump our bags, then Starbucks (obvs) ,followed by cash withdrawals to Swiss Francs. We then headed to the tourism office which is a short walk from the train station. The lady in there was really friendly and we left armed with maps, and potential tour of things to see/do.

The first stop was Lake Geneva which was beautiful.


After crossing the bridge over the river we found ourselves at the ‘l’horage felurie’, the flower clock. It took me a while to work out that it actually tells the time (who knew?).

We continued wandering around the city, popping in and out of the numerous chocolatiers, where you can normally get a free sample if you ask for one.

We stumbled across what (I think) is a town hall of some description, and lots of other places like the cutest old fashioned bookshop.



Just being cute in Geneva 

We visited the cathedral and had crêpes at a nearby crêperie which were really nice.  After that we took the metro to the United Nations headquarters which has the famous wooden chair sculpture opposite, and the Red Cross museum nearby.


Emily lovin life at the UN 


I'd had enough of the day at this point
I’d had enough of the day at this point

When took another train from the train station to the airport. Once we got to the airport we (eventually) located our transfer which was a tiny minibus to take us to Chamonix!

Our minibus to Chamonix
Our minibus to Chamonix

Overall we thought Geneva was great for a day trip from Grenoble, although it is a little expensive especially considering the Euro/Swiss Franc Exchange Rate. My favourite things to see were definitely the lake, the cathedral and the chocolatiers.


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