Today’s Face: Asha

This week i’m talking to one of my closest friends, Asha. She’s one of those people that always looks put together in an understated yet gorgeous way. Whilst not being massively into make up, she uses selectively chosen products to create a polished and wearable look.

What does make up mean to you?

 To me, makeup means that I’m done up and ready for the day. It helps me feel put together.

 When do you feel the most beautiful?

 Surprisingly perhaps, after a really good yoga class, even if that means I’m all sweaty. I think it’s the endorphins!


How do you feel when you wear make up?

It makes me feel smart and like I’m ready to take on the day. I think it definitely helps complete an outfit. As a student there’s some days where I’ll just lay around the house and wouldn’t even consider putting on makeup, so for days when I’m heading out to classes or the library, it makes me feel ready for the day.

What’s your earliest memory of make up?

 As a child I danced a lot, so when I was six, I was in my first pantomime show. This meant wearing a full face of stage makeup, and was my first time ever wearing makeup. For months afterwards, I would put on that makeup every day – red lipstick, blusher, pink eye shadow even… everything!

 Do you think that people perceive you differently based on whether you are wearing make up or not?

Yes, I think for most people makeup is viewed as a signal of how much effort you’ve made, and how smartly dressed you are that day.

What’s your favourite make up look and why?

I think I’m quite low key – and lazy – when it comes to makeup. I like the natural look, just foundation, bronzer, mascara and a neutral lip. For a night out, I might add a bright pink or red lipstick. Growing up I had typical bad teenage skin so for me makeup has always been about having the appearance of an even skin tone. While I also appreciate exciting make up looks, my favourite is just when people use makeup to enhance their natural beauty.


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