Saturday Stroll

For the first time since I arrived in Grenoble I woke up on a Saturday with no plans and no hangover (yay). Under the guise of wanting to find somewhere to get some uni work done, I chucked a few books in a bag and headed out. Considering the weather has been miserable all week, it was nice to walk into town in the glorious autumn sunshine.

Surprisingly, there are hardly any coffee shops in Grenoble (and definitely no chains like Starbucks) so I searched on google and found one on Place Championnet, just five minutes walk from Place Victor Hugo. I hadn’t looked around the Championnet quartier before but it’s definitely somewhere i’ll be returning. The array of quirky shops is interspersed with patisseries, cafes and tradition french eateries. It’s also nice that it felt a bit more out of the way compared to the packed restaurants of place grenette.

On the walk home I noticed the snowy mountain tops which was very exciting, hopefully ski season is just around the corner!

Hope you have a great weekend,



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