DIY Budget Beauty Station

Since moving to my new flat the state of my make up area has been a complete mess. I wouldn’t say I’m a hoarder but I do have quite a few items that I rotate for my daily routine, and many more which are stored away for ‘going out’ make up. This week I decided that enough was enough and headed over to Ikea to try to improve the situation.

As many students will know, being at university is expensive. A year abroad is ten times worse, I feel like I’ve been hemorrhaging  money since the minute I got here. The last time I went to Ikea was a financial disaster so this time I was really strict and I think I did quite well!

Billingen drawer insert

The first thing I bought was this Billingden drawer insert for easy make up storage. It only cost €1.50 which is great for a disposable storage solution.

Smyka flowers

There’s so many decorations to choose from in Ikea but I ended up settling on these artificial flowers from the Smyka range and this milk bottle style vase.

budget beauty station

Lastly I picked up this mirror, although my lack of self assembly skills mean it’s threatening to fall over at any moment. I’m super happy as these few small bits have transformed my getting ready area for a total cost of under ten euros!


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