Today’s Face: Sam Heath

The first person I approached to interview was, naturally, my mother. Whilst I am a skincare and make up enthusiast, my mom takes a far simpler approach to all things beauty. I am eternally grateful that she never taught me anything about make up or indicated that it should be used to transform you into something beautiful. I am used to seeing her tackle life bare faced, with a level of confidence that many struggle to possess without at least a few minor changes to their appearance.


What does make up mean to you?

Make up means I’m going out. It separates work me from social me, I don’t wear make up to work because I haven’t got the time.

When do you feel the most beautiful?

When I have the time to myself! You know when you’ve been to the gym and you’ve taken twenty minutes afterwards to use all your beauty products, that’s when I feel the most relaxed and beautiful.

 How do you feel when you wear make up?

I feel more confident socially. I don’t use make up to feel confident at work but I do for social occasions.

What’s your earliest memory of make up?

Inside Woolworths in the eyeshadow section, just testing all the eyeshadows. I was probably about thirteen. After that my mom took me to the boots counter and I had a makeover done, it was all pinks and fuchsias and it looked lovely. She bought me the make up but I only wore it on special occasions.

 Do you think that people perceive you differently based on whether you are wearing make up or not?

I think that its easy for women to feel underdressed if they are not wearing make up at particular occasions, like if you were going out for a nice meal. But generally, no. I think that people perceive me in the same way regardless.

What’s your favourite make up look and why ?

I think barely there make up with a bold lip is probably my favourite. I don’t try and change anything or cover anything up.


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