French Beauty Haul

Since being in France, i’ve been overwhelmed by the sheer choice of beauty products. Every supermarket seems to have multiple aisles dedicated to beauty, ranging from budget, to high end and organic products. Then there’s the numerous pharmacies dotted around to add to the selection. I’ve used moving abroad as an excuse to stock up on toiletries and beauty bits, so here are a few things that i’ve bought:

  1. YSL Opium Black – I actually bought this in the airport on my way to France. I can’t lie, it was the packaging that drew me to it but it smells amazing. It don’t like sickly sweet scents so I always go for something with darker floral notes.
  2. Vichy Idealia Eyes– I decided to try this eye cream because its about five pounds cheaper in France that it would be at home. I haven’t been using it for long so I can’t comment on its impact but I am enjoying using it so far. There is an applicator which allows for precise application and means that you can apply the product without using your fingers if you want to.
  3. Garnier Ultra Doux Corps Lair Réparateur – I’m really enjoying using this lightweight moisturiser. The honey scented formula effectively moisturises my dry skin, and I think its good value for money at around six to eight euros a bottle. Unfortunately I don’t think this product is currently available in the UK.
  4. Garnier Body Tonic Sugar Scrub – I have been looking for a decent, reasonably priced body scrub forever and i’ve never found one until now. I paid eight euros and its brilliant. The formula really tackles dry and rough skin as opposed to many other products in the same price range which seem to hardly touch the surface of the skin. I would recommend this to anyone in search of a hard working body scrub.
  5. Bioderma Micellar Water – This product has been talked about endlessly and I have to say that it lives up to the hype. Compared to other micellar waters i’ve tried this really melts your make up off with minimal effort and leaves your skin feeling nice and fresh.

So that’s all for now but i’m sure i’ll be tempted to pick up some more beauty products soon (I haven’t even been into Sephora yet!).

Hope you have a lovely weekend,



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