The journey to Grenoble

I set off to Birmingham Airport at 7:30am with my parents. After dropping my bags off we had a coffee, and when the time eventually came for them to leave my mom and me cried. I was so nervous that everything seemed to be going in slow motion and I was having to concentrate really hard on things that I’ve done loads of times before. My hand luggage was packed with all of the electrics I own so it took me ages to get through security and I ended up having to put my bag through three times.

Once I eventually got through to duty free, I spent about half an hour aimlessly wandering through the make up and perfume sections before heading to the gate. I eventually decided to just sit down and wait for the flight, and headed to All Bar One where I had a glass of prosecco (it’s never too early, right?).

It wasn’t until I was sat on the plane that I finally started to feel relaxed and excited about what was ahead, which I think is pretty normal as I had so many things on my internal checklist before. Once I landed I managed to get my bags and made it onto the coach to Grenoble within about twenty minutes. My landlady kindly offered to pick me up from the coach station in Grenoble as I was weighed down with bags, and about seven hours after leaving home I eventually made it into my flat!


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