Happy 100 and updates (sunday bake, moving abroad)

Hi everyone,

Firstly i’d just like to say a huge thank you to to everyone who reads and follows this blog. It may be tiny, but its a tiny space that I value a lot, and I am so excited to keep adding to it. Last week I realised that I had just passed a hundred followers and it honestly made my day.

As you may have noticed, there was no Sunday Bake feature this week. The reason for this is because i’ve been in a mad panic trying to sort everything out for my year abroad. As much as I love baking and updating recipes, I just don’t think i’ll have the capacity to do it weekly while i’m settling into a different country. However, the Sunday Bake isn’t leaving, it’s just going to become more sporadic than it has been over the summer.

So, as i’ve already mentioned, i’m moving to France! As my journey begins i’m sure that this space will evolve into somewhere more travel and lifestyle related for now, and who knows what will it become in the future?

So again, thank you for deciding to read my musings in their infancy, and i’m open to suggestions for posts you would like to see.



4 thoughts on “Happy 100 and updates (sunday bake, moving abroad)”

  1. Congrats on 100 and I wish you gain 100s more. Good luck with your travels and hope to see lots of amazing pictures of beautiful France scattered around your blog hehe.

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