A week in pics

  1. I love this, and I love Khloe Kardashian in general (she’s the best one)
  2. On Thursday I had leaving drinks with a few friends so we made margaritas and I drank way too much gin.
  3. I went to a local restaurant called Daniel’s Bistro and had this amazing peanut butter cheesecake with caramel ice cream for dessert.
  4. I found my favourite vegan dish at Wagamamas! It’s the yasai itame and its made with a coconut milk base. I don’t think its the healthiest thing on the menu but lets ignore that.
  5. I wore this simple outfit to go for drinks- the knitted crop top was a Primark bargain at the start of summer and the skort and sandals are both Topshop.
  6. Some monochrome inspo from White Hart Design on instagram.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.



6 thoughts on “A week in pics”

  1. Love the post , peanut butter cheesecake sounds like heaven. A little bit strange that I also have a margarita night (the drink and the pizza) coming up that happens to be on a Thursday!

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