Monochrome Favourites

monochrome flatlay In an effort to distract myself from the fact that we’ve got torrential rain in August I thought i’d put together a few new purchases.

  1. The non monochrome aspect is my new yankee candle in the scent lemon lavender. It’s really relaxing, and fresh, perfect for the bath.
  2. Nars Sheer Glow in Syracuse. I always put off repurchasing this for as long as possible because it’s so bloody expensive but i’ve yet to find a cheaper foundation that works as well.
  3. Chanel Coco Noir – this is my favourite perfume ever. If you like dark, intense scents this is a winner.
  4. Lush milk bottle bubble bar – how cute is this? I haven’t tried it yet but I normally love all things lush.
  5. I have so many of these claw clips lying around, not the most attractive thing ever but they work wonders when i’m trying to section off my hair.

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