DIY relaxation box 

One thing which I love to do is create personal gifts. I honestly think that the best presents are the thoughtful ones, even if they don’t cost the earth. Today i’m going to show you how I put together a relaxation box as a birthday present for a friend. I like this idea so much that i’m considering making one for myself and keeping it in my wardrobe for the next time I have a meltdown!

This DIY gift box is a mix of relaxing and anxiety reducing gifts all wrapped up in one cute bundle. The idea is to create a box that you can turn to when your head is full of anxious thoughts and you might be struggling to think clearly and find a sense of calm.

I started by buying a gift box from a card shop. The one I chose has a clasp opening which I think is a nice touch. I then chose the contents of the box which are: five sachets of herbal tea, a sampler size yankee candle in the scent shea butter, jasmine scented tea lights and a floral bath bomb.

Next, on to making everything look pretty! I chose wrapping paper and tissue paper which complemented the pale grey and white shades of the box. I also bought  some shredded tissue paper to act as a base for everything to sit in. After everything was wrapped, all that was left to do was arrange the gifts the way I wanted them in the box. As a finishing touch, I tied a contrasting ribbon around the box and secured it with blue tack so that it can be removed without damaging the print on the box.

After buying a tiny box I kept thinking of other things that would be great in this kind of box, like my favourite mindfulness book, an adult colouring book or a favourite snack.

What would be in your ideal relaxation box?


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