Rome to Ischia Scrapbook Part 1

Two years ago I took my first trip abroad without my family, it was just under a week in Italy with one of my best friends where we crammed in as much as possible. We both took disposable cameras, but I lost mine somewhere when I was moving out of university halls. I just assumed they were lost forever, but last weekend my Dad phoned me and told me that he’d found a couple of boxes of my stuff that had been gathering dust for over a year, luckily the pictures had been buried in there. Although the trip was two years ago I really want to share it here.

The plan we made was to fly to Rome, stay there for two nights and then travel to the island of Ischia where we stayed for three nights, before making the journey back to Rome for our flight back to the UK. Leaving from Birmingham at 6am, we headed to East Midlands Airport to  board our tiny Ryanair plane. Asha and I were both slightly nervous about all the travelling, and ended up having a minor disaster in the airport where she mislaid her passport, so we ended up running for the flight. As soon as we landed in Rome we realised that we had no idea how to get to our hostel. We hadn’t looked up any information about buses or trains. Luckily we were only in the EU so getting internet wasn’t expensive, once we found a bus that went in the right direction we headed over to it, and promptly realised that there was no driver, we didn’t know where to buy a ticket and neither of us knew any Italian. So, we just sat on the bus and hoped for the best (a trend that continued for the rest of trip).

The next day we did a makeshift whirlwind tour of Rome,starting with the colosseum. I didn’t realise that there is a whole museum in there, so that was fun to explore. The sun was relentless that day so after admiring the colosseum we got drinks from one of the many stands outside, and took a break in the shade. We then had lunch nearby and headed to the trevi fountain, by which point the weather had turned and we ended up having ice cream in the rain (how very English). We spent the rest of the day wandering around Rome and had an early night in preparation for our 07:39 train from Rome to Naples. Early the next morning we grabbed croissants and coffee at the station before boarding. When we reached Naples a couple of hours later, we took a bus to the harbour where we took the hydrofoil to Ischia. The boat was open top and the journey completely beautiful.

Thanks for reading my first in depth travel post, I hope you enjoy the scrapbook style pictures. i’ll be posting part 2 tomorrow.

Colusseum museum
Inside the colusseum museum
Colusseum picture collage



Train to Naples
Train to Naples
Hydrofoil from Naples to Ischia

68310_10151466508806459_8250234_n copy


8 thoughts on “Rome to Ischia Scrapbook Part 1”

  1. I fell in love with Italy (though I’ve never visited) after watching the movie: Cinema Paradiso that my Italian music teacher had us watch! I even started to self learn a little Italian…

    1. Its so beautiful, i’m determined to go back soon! I’ll have to check that film out, there’s a rubbish film on netflix called Walking on Sunshine set in Puglia which looks so pretty.

  2. Everywhere in Italy (that I’ve been) is just amazing – it’s the one country so far I feel I could move to. My first ever visit was to Sorrento, Naples, Capri and Ischia so there’s no wonder I fell in love!

      1. Sooo expensive though! I remember everyone was waltzing around going in and out of expensive restaurants and we were sat under a tree just people watching, eating our packed lunch!!

      2. We actually only stayed in Sorrento but travelled back and forth to the other places frequently. It was a really quaint family run hotel – we’re going back a few years, there was no Airbnb back then!!

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