The Sunday Bake

From now on my weekly feature is going to be The Sunday Bake, where I bake something new every week, whether it be my own recipe, one that i’ve adapted or one that i’ve followed. As a relatively new baker I thought I could share how easy or difficult I found the recipe, and of course how well it turned out.


So this week I had some avocados that needed to be used up, and decided to investigate recipes for brownies made with avocado, as I’ve heard good things about them. The recipe which I decided to try was on a blog called Southern in Law, you can find it here. I’m normally wary about following new recipes, but these brownies turned out to be amazing.

Difficulty: The recipe is really straightforward, however it got very messy. Kristen’s advice is to keep adding things into a food processor until all the ingredients end up in there. While this is fine if you’ve got a heavy duty food processor, mine just couldn’t cope and I ended up having to transfer the mixture halfway through and spilling some of it along the way. When I make these again i’ll just whiz together the first stage of ingredients (avocado, eggs, vanilla, water) and then do the rest by hand in a mixing bowel.

Cost: Most of the ingredients are store cupboard ingredients so its super affordable. I’d say most people will probably just need to run out and get some avocado and chocolate, coming to about £3.00

Adaptations: I added pecans for extra flavour and crunch, and a dusting of icing sugar.

Result: Squidy, moist, chocolatey brownies just the way the should be. This is the best and most simple brownie recipe i’ve tried so far.


One thought on “The Sunday Bake”

  1. Mmm these look amazing. I don’t have a food processor but I do have a hand blender so hoping that would have the same results.
    Funny thing about avocado – I ate one for the first time just a few months ago!

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