Street Food Forever

When I was younger I hated growing up in Birmingham and couldn’t wait to leave. Although I live in England’s second city, I couldn’t see past the abundance of negative stereotypes associated with it. From attacks on our multicultural community to our  ‘grey’ architecture, Birmingham is done no favours by the media.

As part of the monthly travels challenge I thought i’d share an event which occurs in Birmingham in July; a street food market in Kings Heath which is run by Brum Yum Yum, you can check out their website here. The monthly street food market features all sorts of delicious food including churros, stone baked pizza, curries, pies and a whole lot more. I went for the first time a few months ago and I was impressed by the quality of the food. I chose a vegan ‘cheeseburger’ and then my mom and I shared portion of fresh churros. The rest of the afternoon was spent combatting the chill in the air with coffee, and listening to the live music on offer.

In July the whole Brum Yum Yum went completely veggie for the first time, incorporating loads of great veggie street food like The Vegan Grindhouse, American street food recreated to be Vegan friendly! Other Brum Yum Yum regulars, such as Pietanic, went veggie for the occasion. The street food scene in Birmingham is abundant, with great events popping up all over the place, including the MAC and the Jewellery Quarter. We also have more michelin restaurants outside London than anywhere else in England, so we’re a great destination for foodies!

Image courtesy of The Vegan Grindhouse Facebook page
11041714_949107841789602_8558517778114452268_n copy
Image courtesy of Brum Yum Yum Facebook

4 thoughts on “Street Food Forever”

  1. Sounds like a good place to be in July. I love food markets, I love to sample and buy new foods. I’m vegetarian so this would have been right up my street; most food markets cater towards the meat eater and limit the vegan/vegetarian options. Well done to Brum Yum Yum! 😀

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