Getting lost in Grenoble

Well, this weekend was supposed to be devoted to a few travel related blog posts that I’ve had in mind, but instead I mainly spent it ill, coughing my guts up and generally feeling sorry for myself. Rather than giving up completely I thought I’d share a few pictures from Grenoble and save the more in depth post for next week when I can do it justice. I was thinking mapping out ’24 hours in Grenoble’ and adding in some mini reviews and recommendations. For now, i’ll leave you with these snapshots.

A typical view of Grenoble city centre, with a glimpse of the mountains
Outside Halle Sainte-Claire food market
Panoramic views from La Bastille, after a gruelling cable car trip (attempted in 38 degrees C heat)
A beautiful and unexpected view which we jumped off the tram to admire.

4 thoughts on “Getting lost in Grenoble”

  1. I look forward to seeing more of your time in Grenoble. I spent 6 months rhere as a student and had a wonderful time. I shared a fabulous flat in Rue Gabriel Peri and spent a lot of time in a bar called Bukana somewhere along the river as I recall. Hope you have a good time in France!

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