This is the first blogging 101 task, and one which i’m three days late doing and have no idea how to approach! It’s supposed to be an intro about me, the blog and why i’m blogging. I thought a good place to start would be to put a picture of me on here, seeing as there isn’t one yet. So the featured image is me last week in Lyon, France, which I was visiting in preparation for my year abroad.

I think most people feel awkward trying to write anything resembling an ‘about me’ but i’ll give it a go anyway. I was born on the Island of Mauritius and raised in Birmingham, UK. I started an Environmental Management degree in London in 2012 and dropped out, which I wrote about here. I then went back to the drawing board and decided to study my two favourite A Level subjects, French and Drama, in a joint honours degree. I’ve just finished my second year and in September i’ll be moving to France for a year and travelling as much of Europe as I possibly can!

I’m creating a lifestyle blog because I love sharing experiences, and reading about what other people get up too. As much as I love the picture perfect blogs of beauty gurus, I think its much more interesting to see opinions, the ups and downs in life, and the obstacles that people face. I’m going to blog about food, travel, my year abroad experience, with some opinion posts thrown in for good measure. I’ve wanted to blog for ages, to share my experiences and see perspectives of the world that are different to mine. I would love to connect with other lifestyle bloggers, travellers, food bloggers – just about anyone really!


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