A take on Nigella’s Tiramisini

This weekend I decided to have a go at making Nigella Lawson’s Tiramisini recipe, which is essentially a cute mini tiramisu.

I decided to make a couple of substitutions based on price and what I had available. The recipe uses Marsala, a dessert wine which I could only find for around £10 a bottle so I decided to swap it for Dissarano which I already had at home. I also used Kahula for the coffee liqueur which is pretty much the cheapest one I could find but i thought it tasted great! I would also definitely recommend using instant espresso rather than normal instant coffee because the flavour is much richer.


The recipe was fairly easy to follow, the only tricky part is making sure that you don’t whisk the marscapone for too long otherwise it could curdle. I also bought a box of egg whites because I was being lazy to save time. I picked up these ones which are free range and currently on offer at Tesco.


Overall, this is a great boozy dessert and a good choice for dinner parties because you can make it the night before and stick it in the fridge.




3 thoughts on “A take on Nigella’s Tiramisini”

  1. Hi Dita,
    Thanks for liking my travel blog about the man on the camel (me). Wonderful to hear. And, not so by the way, I love your photo presentations on your blogsite. Sounds like you are more travelled than I was. I’m rather ensconced at home now. And loving it. Happiness to you, friend, happiness.

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