Dressing for Success


“Students may have been rebelling against school-imposed dress codes for decades, but observers say the fact that those protests are now making national headlines suggests a fundamental shift in social attitudes,” writes Michelle McQuigge in The Canadian Press.

The latest protest to make headlines was an Ontario school’s “Crop Top Day”, organized by student Alexi Halket who was told her cropped shirt was unacceptable school attire. When I first read about this protest, I was glad it was making headlines because, as McQuigge writes, “…individual incidents become part of an ongoing, global conversation about complex issues such as freedom of expression, cultural identity, and sexual consent.”

The global conversation that has ensued has been enlightening, but not in an entirely positive way. Many people have commented on articles about the Crop Top Day, saying that young women need to have self respect in what they wear. A quick Google search…

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