Thoughts on Revision (or lack of)

Considering I am procrastinating by writing this and have absolutely no motivation to revise I am probably not the right person to offer advice about revision. However, like everyone else I have been trying to revise for things since I was about 12 and I used to care a lot more/ be more dedicated so here are a few things I have learnt:

  1. There is no optimum time to revise

I have been told so many times to ‘revise at the time of day which suits me best’. I assume this works for some people but personally I feel equally unmotivated at all times of the day so what I have learnt is that you just have to ignore your half hearted excuses and get on with it.

  1. Ignore the people who live in the library at exam time

Just ignore them. Firstly, comparing yourself to people who revise more than you is pointless. Secondly, there is no way on earth that you need to sacrifice a month of you life living in the library in order to get decent marks. If anything its counter productive because these people often neglect to look after themselves and end up having a caffeine fuelled breakdown anyway.

  1. Mental wellbeing during exam time is vital

Exercise, go outside, eat healthily, keep attending hobbies and seeing friends. Granted, some people will tell you this is a waste of time but I think a healthy mind set contributes to a good exam performance.

  1. Knowledge is cumulative 

As someone who is anxious about exams I ‘worst case scenario’ a lot. E.g. ‘I’m going to fail the year and spend my summer revising’ or ‘this information never going into my brain’. One thing that a friend reminded me of recently is that how well you do on an exam isn’t just based on the exam period itself. If you’ve gone to most of the lectures and done most of the work, with some revision you should be in a good position to tackle the exam and do well.


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