Reflections on #FucktheTories

Warwick for Free Education

CEpPdTRW0AEJC-p Photo credit to Oscar Webb

Hope Worsdale

To those who are arguing that people donโ€™t have a right to protest against a government that was โ€œdemocraticallyโ€ voted in: Yes we do. This is a government which is waging war on the poor, the homeless, the disabled, the unemployed, immigrants, students, single mums and the unemployed, with devastating consequences. If you think that a party who was voted in by 24% of the electorate should somehow be untouchable to criticism, then you seriously need to reconsider what the hell you think democracy is. Not to mention the fact that some of societyโ€™s most vulnerable (e.g many people without citizen status) arenโ€™t even allowed to vote. We need to abolish this ridiculous attitude that the sum total of democracy is a broken, unfair and exclusive voting system, which is headed up by an elitist group of predominantly white men. Representative democracy?โ€ฆ

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