3 Simple Tips to Reduce Uni Stress

So I thought i’d share three quick tips that i’ve gathered which help to tackle stress/anxiety. These are particularly relevant to being at university but also useful for everyday life!

1. Always take a bottle of water. This sounds incredibly simple but when you’re trying to concentrate all day and your brain is doing overtime worrying about that deadline/interview/application form, being dehydrated is just going to make you feel even more tired, confused and anxious.

2. Plan your day and pack your bag the night before. I realise we aren’t in year seven anymore, but the number of times i’ve turned up to uni with the wrong books is ridiculous. Having an organised bag and plan for the day ahead will not only help you stay calm, but also ensure you make the most of your day.

3. Be kind to yourself. You only got 55 on that assignment and your friend got 70? Does this mean you’re not as intelligent? Does it mean you’re a failure? No. One strategy which helps to maintain self belief is to jot down two things that you are proud of and one thing you want to work on every night. This doesn’t have to be in a cliché diary (although mine is), you can just write them in your phone if you want to. I find this helps with confidence levels whilst providing a gentle reminder of things that need addressing.

These might seem basic but often I find the small changes to be most effective and easy to stick to. Feel free to share your tips for staying stress free!


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